Seneca House Residential Assisted Living was founded with one goal in mind, to take care of the elderly by providing them with homes that offers the highest quality of life in their later years.

When some of our loved ones moved into assisted living facilities, the quality varied widely.  All of them were large facilities. Some were nice, and some were depressing.  We thought there must be a better way. That is when we discovered residential assisted living.  Our loved ones did not want to leave their home in the first place so why would they want to go to a ‘big box’ facility that feels more like an institution than a home.

Our mission is very simple: Care for our residents as if they are our own family members, in our own homes. We combine the best of both worlds by providing a high level of constant care with a family home environment. It is obvious that people, let alone the elderly, do not like to stay in institutions, which have a cold and impersonal feeling. Nor do they like to stay in facilities that have a “hospital-like” environment. The elderly like to stay in places that embody a HOME like feeling where they can interact with other people, have the privacy of being in their own rooms and have continual personal assistance and care for all their daily needs. Our residents dine together, watch television, sing, play cards and have activities together, just like they would at home.

Seneca House is a new residential assisted home in Southwest Fort Collins, CO. Seniors at Seneca House live in safe, clean environment and enjoy a familiar and comfortable homelike setting. Seneca House is a home within a residential neighborhood that has been upgraded to include numerous safety features and modern amenities that provide our residents with security and comfort.

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